Our products are formulated, developed, produced and tested in Padua (13,379 m² - 7,800 m² of which are covered -) whereas the exceptionally versatile and flexible plant in Castelguglielmo (15,000 m² - 6.600 m² of which are covered -) is dedicated to extensive production. In order to support our results in the domestic market and the more competitive foreign market, we constantly invest to improve the efficiency of our production systems, quality and precision - core elements for our future -.


We propose paints for the building industry or, rather, cycles for interiors and exteriors. We provide solutions for those working in the building industry (in particular for all the substrates which form the vertical surfaces of a building). Our products have to go through highly rigorous methodical tests in order to be marketed and satisfy the most demanding customers.


The synergy between production and logistics is a strategic factor. Our warehouses in Padua and Castelguglielmo are supported by our deposit in Naples. These three sites offer a capacity of 9,500 pallets and the structure of our distribution channel guarantees a rapid service in Italy and a highly efficient service abroad.