In 1949, Dante Aurelio Raccanello decided to expand his famous grocer's shop located, since 1939, in the medieval Piazza delle Erbe in Padua. Dante established, with his sons Gino and Giuseppe, the company ARD. Even if ARD was founded after the destructive WWII, Padua was determined to rise from the ashes! The family business was situated next to their home in Via Beato Pellegrino, within the ancient Patavium walls.    

Growth (1950-1970)

ARD has always produced a wide range of products: zinc based paints, synthetic enamels, iron oxide colorants, oil paints for casings etc. During the said period sales were booming and in order to meet the demanding market, in 1961 the company moved to the industrial estate where it occupied an area of 17,000 mÇ. At this time ARD was considered a leading pioneer of titanium paints and its success was to be “crowned” by a 10 year Exclusivity Agreement with Goodyear for the supply of Pliolite, a high performing resin. The Paintgum line based on Pliolite revolutionised the market as it permitted “laying” during extreme weather conditions in winter, guaranteeing an optimum resistance even in coastal environments.


During this thriving period ARD concentrated all its efforts on the building industry, offering a wide range of top quality services & products. In 1986, AZ-ARD, one of the first Italian tinting systems was baptized. Such system was devised to give retailers the possibility to produce enamels & paints using base colours/universal colouring pastes directly in their shops. These products offer the same quality and reliability to those produced in our plants with the advantage of reducing stocks and meeting our retailer's needs more rapidly. Our qualified team of technicians support the sale of our cycles for exteriors - silicates, siloxanes & elastomeric products -. This free service is a valuable instrument and our technicians propose the most suitable application technique and/or provide the best advice on how to deal with complaints.


Focusing on the expectations of professional user’s, the evolution of tinting systems, initially with AZ-ARD and AZ-ARD OSSIDI and subsequently with WIZARD and SIXTEEN COLOURS, offers a wider range of colours. ARD’s rapid growth is sustained by the plant in Castelguglielmo (Rovigo). The new industrial site, operative since 2003, supplies more than 70% of the production thanks to the state-of-the-art automation. The new millennium brought an exponential growth in environmental awareness, a very sensitive issue for ARD. Consequently, we manufacture products with low solvent levels and ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems) in compliance with the energy efficiency regulations. Moreover, in order to meet primary objectives such as customer satisfaction, protection of the health and safety of workers and respect for the environment, ARD is certified in compliance with the International Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001 and the plant in Castelguglielmo is also certified in compliance with the International Environmental Quality System UNI EN ISO 14001.

Our Trademark

A trademark is the symbol of a brand: it is devised to be found, recognized, memorized & to create a strong image in an increasingly competitive market. A trademark gradually changes & develops in symbiosis with the advancing market trends. This is why we are so very proud to illustrate our evolution over the years.