Technical Assistance


The successful outcome of sophisticated products depends on the quality of the technical assistance provided. Our Technical Assistance Team is composed of highly qualified technicians who assist our customers in choosing the most appropriate products, application techniques, visits on site, problem solving, technical reports etc. Meetings are organized all over the country throughout the year & our customers are more than welcome to visit our R & D Centre.

Insurance Policy

One of the many pluses we offer our partners is an Insurance Policy in collaboration with the “Assicurazioni Generali SpA” which covers any cycles carried out by the applicators including scaffolding, laying etc.



Tinting systems

Thanks to the tinting system our distributors can supply applicators with a rapid service by producing coloured products with exactly the same quality as those manufactured in our plants. Considering the strategic importance of the tinting machines, a maintenance service is offered in order to guarantee the utmost efficiency & reliability.

WIZARD (the new tinting system for solvent based products) & SIXTEEN COLOURS (the tinting system for water based products), satisfy a demanding distribution network whether it be a retailer or a specialized distributor. These systems use 16 binder free colouring pastes. One of the major pluses of all our systems is that all the tints are formulated & produced in our laboratories in order guarantee an astounding reliability. Our tinting systems can be integrated with the spectrophotometer system guaranteeing almost unlimited chromatic possibilities. SIXTEEN COLOURS has been designed to lend an extensive compatibility with professional products & a wide range of chromatic reproductions (standard domestic & international colours). The binominal SIXTEEN COLOURS - spectrophotometer is a landmark in the market. WIZARD enhances our technical values: a wide range of chromatics (NCS) with an excellent all round performance, remarkable operative efficiency - no more than 2 bases are required to reproduce tints - & careful attention to the environment thanks to high concentration - low VOC colorants. The formulation & nature of the colorants are the guidelines necessary to optimize coverage, considered critical when creating the shades of colours such as red & yellow.