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Bonding primer

Silrest Intermedio

SILREST INTERMEDIO is a product based on potassium silicate, devised as a primer when applying the Silrest line of mineral products on old organic paints. Removal of any old synthetic paints is not necessary.

Silrest Intermedio - finitura ai silicati - Ard Raccanello

Technical features

SILREST INTERMEDIO creates a bonding bridge between the substrate & the silicate paints (SILREST line) are well as the siloxanic line (SILIARD). It preserves an open capillary network fundamental for the passage of water vapour from the inside to the outside.

SILREST INTERMEDIO also offers an excellent filling power capable of uniforming any differences in the susbtrate (structural/absorption) & enhances the performance.

With brush

10-15% in volume of ISOREST 0.076


2,6-3,9 m²/l.


Recoatable after 24 h

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