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Siliard Primer

Siloxanic water-repellent consolidating impregnator

Over opaco

Water dilutable scratch resistant matt enamel

Ardcoat C16/C16W

Adhesive coarse-grained waterproof and fibrous filler for thermal insulation systems, in compliance with ETAG 004



Class A+ thermo-insulating anti-condensation anti mould paint


Satin water based enamel for floors and tiles

Rebuild Intonaclima L

Elastomeric acryl-siloxane algae resistant lightweight coating with a 1,5 mm granulometry

Rebuild fondo L

Elastomeric lightweight algae resistant smoothing primer made of paste

Creative Ard Lime Carrara

Carrara marble effect mineral coating


Top quality alkyd-urethaned satiny enamel

Ardsalus Air Refresh

Class a+ sanitizing washable latex paint against pollution


Matt super washable acryl-siloxanic paint for exteriors and interiors


Class a+ super washable latex paint for interiors

For over half a century we manufacture color, using the same authentic values: persistence, dynamism, respect .


Get inspired through our works!


Acryl-siloxanic anti-algae filling finish


Satiny odourless water-dilutable enamel

Mineral lime putty plaster


Precious and useful point of views for your colorful daily routine

They say about us

Why I chose ARD: ME.BI. Color

In Rosate, just outside Milan, two young entrepreneurs launch a paint and varnish shop. The right partner? ARD!

They say about us

Why I chose ARD: Lo Bello Colori

Love their job and have the right partner! Lo Bello Colori and ARD Raccanello: a relation that works in the name of passion for work.

They say about us

Why I chose ARD: Arte Color

Enthusiasm, dedication, professionalism and colour: these are the central business elements of Arte Color in Arcireale, boasting a partnership with ARD as key supplier.

we are green

We use energy from renewable sources in our manufacturing plants

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