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Our values

ARD Raccanello, an historical and dynamic brand

Our brand boasts very high recognition in the sector, thanks to its history and product quality. From 85 years we have been producing colour, operating with correctness and ethics, always looking beyond, to pick all the innovations on the market up, driven by a strong passion.







We look for the right mix between tradition and innovation.

Without tradition there is not identity, but without innovation there is not growth.

A multipurpose and dynamic core business

RESPECT, PERSISTENCE, DYNAMISM are the 3 key values around those the whole company politics rounds, thanks to which we were able to show resilience and responsability to partners


Attention to people is the key of our success. The social responsability is felt as much as the environmental one.

The core value of our company is respect, and caring for people is the key to the success of our work. Through the efforts of four generations, we have established strong and honest relationships with our customers, employees, partners and all stakeholders who have been and continue to be a part of our reality. This social responsibility is felt as much as our environmental responsibility, and we demonstrate this through our commitment to improving the ecological footprint we have on the world through our manufacturing operations and product offerings.


Propose products which can resist to time is the base of our bent

We are a historic company that has always been determined to pursue our goals with persistence and unwavering commitment. Our business strategy is distinguished by our ability to offer products that can stand the test of time, combining together technology, tradition and quality to best meet the challenges that the market places before us every day.


We are an historical always moving company, that welcomes the innovation adapting to change

We know that change is the order of the day. We believe that the adaptability and flexibility, which we offer to our clients, have proven our professional vocation over the years. The engine that drives us to grow every day is our ability to achieve the goals we set and our determination to find appropriate and innovative solutions.

Aware of a market more and more changing and about everyday challenges, we do not never forget some main concepts:


which features our time and has to been checked with attention


which makes our steps move towards an evolution in line with the time we live


because it's mandatory to face with a global scenario


environmental and social, that we care and put in every sector of our reality

Living ARD Raccanello

We believe in color wellness, we believe that color is life.