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We believe in color wellness, we believe that color is life.

Our values

The elements that drive our corporate identity


The core value of our company is respect, and caring for people is the key to the success of our work. Through the efforts of four generations, we have established strong and honest relationships with our customers, employees, partners and all stakeholders who have been and continue to be a part of our reality. This social responsibility is felt as much as our environmental responsibility, and we demonstrate this through our commitment to improving the ecological footprint we have on the world through our manufacturing operations and product offerings.


We are a historic company that has always been determined to pursue our goals with persistence and unwavering commitment. Our business strategy is distinguished by our ability to offer products that can stand the test of time, combining together technology, tradition and quality to best meet the challenges that the market places before us every day.


We know that change is the order of the day. We believe that the adaptability and flexibility, which we offer to our clients, have proven our professional vocation over the years. The engine that drives us to grow every day is our ability to achieve the goals we set and our determination to find appropriate and innovative solutions.


We know that to carry out the company's many projects in an ever-growing world, people are the key to success; therefore, we believe that training is essential in this process.

Every employee has the opportunity to grow professionally through paths that deal with both issues related to the development of their soft skills and with topics for the development of technical skills, specific to their sector or department, not forgetting specific training on occupational safety issues, a topic that is very close to our hearts.


Our wellbeing plan is based on a strong corporate commitment to protect and improve the interest of our employees. We try to offer them the best solutions to ensure a good work-life balance.

Some of the initiatives we apply for our wellbeing plan are the possibility to enjoy corporate welfare through different solutions, a second level agreement that also includes initiatives to protect the health of workers, the possibility of smart working, as well as concessions and agreements that allow our employees to purchase goods and services at a more advantageous market price.

We like our workers to feel that they are part of a group, which is why we have earmarked an amount, available to employees, for organizing moments of sharing even outside working hours.

Our company has achieved the Great Place to Work® certification

This award recognizes organizations that, as a result of internal analyses and surveys conducted by the research firm, are distinguished by an excellent level of business climate.

People who work at ARD know that they can count on values such as sharing and collaboration. We are a family business that cares about everyone's well-being. The fact that we have been recognized for this ability to create a supportive, positive and open work environment makes us very proud.

This sense of loyalty and mutual support has also been recognized by the most operational figures in our company, so much so that we were included in the top ten Best Workplaces™ for Blue Collar 2023.

As we celebrate the achievement of these accolades, we feel even stronger motivation to improve the condition of all our employees and give more and more shape and momentum to social responsibility issues.

Our team

People are the key to success. At our company, every employee has the opportunity to grow professionally.

Work with us

We produce not only colors and paints, but emotions, memories, experiences.