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Remote Assistance

Remote technical support with direct connection

Remote assistance is a remote technical support method with direct connection, which offers the possibility of solving all problems related to Tintometry and Colorimetry, using the TEAMVIEWER application.


Interact via the Internet with the customer's computer, as if it were physically on site.

Which problems can be solved?

Any issues related to the software, such as:
- Software malfunction
- Installation of the ARD software and any peripheral (e.g. spectrophotometer)
- Step-by-step explanation of a procedure or help in solving a problem

Which problems cannot be solved?

All issues not related to the software but of a physical (hardware) nature including:
• Broken, burned or malfunctioning hard drives or cards
• Broken devices
• Electrical problems
• Problems with connection cables


The service cannot be performed in cases where:
• The internet connection is not working
• The PC problems are so serious that they do not allow the system to start completely and therefore it is not possible to communicate via the internet.

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