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Systems and technology

Synergy between production and logistic

To be distributed on the market and offer to the client a reliability compliant with the most demanding expectations, our products have to pass strict proof tests, that we ensure through a structured check system

The production

All the products are formulated, developed, realised and tested in Padua plants and in Castelguglielmo one (about 30 thousand m2).

To support our results in the market we constantly invest to enhance the technological efficiency and the manufacture quality and precision.

Our range

We propose paints for building, better cycles, for interior and exterior, dedicated specifically to vertical supports and addressed in particular to professionals on site and in the professional construction field.


From manufacturer to distributor

For a nowadays company the synergy between production and logistic is a strategic element. The warehouses in Padua and Castelguglielmo ensure fast delivery to the Italian market and a high efficiency. service to the foreign markets.

Contacts and distributors

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