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GPTW: in ARD it's a good work life!



GPTW (Great Place To Work) is a research, technology and organizational consultancy company that analyzes work environments to evaluate the employee experience. ARD Raccanello decided to tackle this observation project, involving all employees, to, once again, question themselves, understand the strong and critical points. In this way we have started the creation of a work system equipped with feedback, attention and monitoring tools on the work experience beyond the technical tasks.

GPTW Awards

ARD has obtained GPTW recognition. It means seeing recognition of a principle very dear to us: the importance of people, involved in a company that aims to improve itself every day, to build an increasingly responsible, productive, but also empathetic environment. This goal represents a serious starting point to give an increasingly defined and current form to our social responsibility. It is a tangible opportunity to put discussion with collaborators into practice, something we are very proud of. GPTW represents the beginning of a journey to enhance people.


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