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adhesive filler medium-grained for thermal insulation systems, in compliance with ETAG 004

Ardcoat C10

ARDCOAT C10 is a cementious monocomponent medium-grained ready-mix suitable for the bonding & filling of interior/exterior thermal insulating panels such as expanded polystyrene (EPS), Stiferite, mineral wools (glass or rock) or cork intended for the realization of thermal insulation systems (ETICS).

Ardcoat C10 - collante per cappotto - Ard Raccanello

Technical features

The remarkable mechanical properties guarantee a stable and solid adhesion to insulating panels, which are notoriously subject to creeping, as well as the most common mural substrates such as bricks, plastered walls, concrete etc.

ARDCOAT C10 complies with the requirements in the Guideline for European Technical Approval ETAG 004 as adhesive and filler for thermal insulation systems.

With trowel

Mix 25 kg of product with 6,5 l of water


Glue: approx 3-5 kg/m2. Filler: approx 5 kg/m2 I for 4 mm thickness


Recoatable after 5-6 days

CE Marking

CE Marking UNI EN 998/1:2010

Product list


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Technical data sheet



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