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Anti-carbonation algae resistant protective filler for concrete

Beton Decor Elastomerico

BETON DECOR ELASTOMERICO proves suitable for protecting and decorating interior and exterior cement structures, such as concrete and asbestos cement. BETON DECOR ELASTOMERICO offers a remarkable long lasting barrier against acid gases, such as carbon dioxide, whilst preserving an open capillary passage for water vapour. It also inhibits the acidification of concrete, which would cause reinforcement corrosion.

Beton Decor Coprente - Pittura anticarbonatazione per cemento - Ard Raccanello

Technical features

The particular features of the elastomers offer a good chemical/mechanical resistance & an optimum elasticity even in low temperatures - excellent when treating hair-cracks.

High water-repellent effect. Powerful barrier against carbon and sulphur dioxide.

Protection and decoration of mineral structures both interior and exterior.

High elasticity

The constituents of BETON DECOR COPRENTE have been selected to resist the strong alkalinity therefore impeding peeling whilst guaranteeing a lasting resistance to atmospheric agents

With brush

5-10% in water volume

With short haired roller

5-10% in water volume


Approx. 2 m2/l with 2 layers


Recoatable after 24h

CE Marking

CE Marking EN 1504-2

Product list


Security card


Mould and algae resistant systems


Beton Decor line


Technical data sheet



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