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Silicate mineral plaster

Silrest Intonachino 0,5-1-1,2

SILREST INTONACHINO is a coating based on potassium silicate in aqueous solution, formulated in compliance with the Regulation VOB/C DIN 18363 2.4.6.

Silrest Intonachino 0,5-1-1,2 - finitura ai silicati - Ard Raccanello

Technical features

After application the soluble silicates react with the carbon dioxide in the air originating colloidal silex hydrate which offers remarkable fixative powers. The silex, reacts with the plaster’s calcium salts producing silicate calcium. The film free mineral nature offers optimum breathability and an excellent bond on lime plaster, cement mortar renders & civil plastering without flaking or detachment.

SILREST INTONACHINO is not thermoplastic so a low-dirt pick up is guaranteed together with a mould and bacterial resistance thanks to its inorganic nature. SILREST INTONACHINO is a fibre reinforced coating which features an outstanding mechanical resistance in comparison to traditional silicate coatings.

With plastic or steel float

Ready to use


0,5mm: 0,8 m2/kg
1mm: 0,5 m2/kg
1,2mm: 0,4 m2/kg

CE Marking

CE Marking EN 15824

Security card


Product list


Technical data sheet 0,5mm


Technical data sheet 1mm


Technical data sheet 1,2mm



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