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Why I chose ARD: Fratelli Paolelli




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Fratelli Paolelli business starts I 1902, four generations ago and forever, in the area between Rome and Viterbo, it stands for professionalism and total competence on sales of materials for the construction and recovery of public and private buildings. Alezario Paolelli was the shop business founder with a point of purchase in the downtown of Civita Castellana, Viterbo province. In 1922, Ulderico Paolelli moved the business in the suburbs – in that time – where we are now: the business had focused on the sell of iron, wood, bricks, steel, quicklime. Big spaces and proper machines for handling were needed and this has always been an ideal place for materials storage, the logistic stuff and for a convenient consumer approaching. In the postwar period the Paolelli, always ready to catch the opportunities offered by the economic climates, took advantage of the construction boom, getting their business even more wealthy and their materials knowledge deeper.

Fratelli Paolelli tells about them

In the entrepreneurial and commercial walk start to enter professional paints and varnishes and the Paolelli find in ARD the ideal partner to become a referent in this product segment too.


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Why I chose ARD: Fratelli Paolelli

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