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Why I chose ARD: Monte Valestra shop




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The paint shop Monte Valestra is a flourishing sales activity in Scandiano, managed by Beretti family and really deep-rooted in the area thanks to the dedicated work of the two brothers Giuseppe and Claudio, and thanks to their kownledge of market, products and clients. Their story begins in 1966 when Giuseppe and Claudio’s parents start, in the near Valestra, a little production of paints and tempera. In 1990, with the arrival of their sons and their wives, the production plant has been moved in a bigger place, always in Valestra. In 2005 Beretti family takes the decision to open a shop and, after having evaluated different opportunities, they choose Scandiano as the most ideal place. In 2010 the third Beretti generation arrives and with them the activity grow stronger, becoming a full specialized decoration cluster. A straight path of development also made possible thanks to ARD support, that with its range of goods and its technical consulting has contributed to boost our professionality.

Monte Valestra tells about them

“From 2005 ARD is by our side, it let us give answers and solutions to each market request with the quality provided by products and services, and thanks to the great human relations too – Beretti explains –“.


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Why I chose ARD: Montevalestra shop

Monte Valestra paint shop is a sales reality thanks to ARD collaboration too!

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